How the Recycle on ROCs Was Lost
The Situation The RO is one of the main policies of the Government which helps promote investment i...
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Global Energy Advisory: Value Creation Through Strategy and Analysis

The Problem – the Game Changers

Global commodity flow, European Market Infrastructure Regulation and UK Electricity Market Reform (with consequential Strategic Code Reviews), have all made today's energy market complex and uncertain.

Without comprehending and analysing the many facets that abound in our markets it's very hard to get a complete view of their potential risks and outcomes: advising in this area has now become very specialised. We know that if you don't stick with the tough analysis through to the end, you will never find the answer: that's what we do.

The Solution

With such complexity – we believe that thorough analysis, innovative technology and competitive finance are essential tools for which investors, financiers and the senior teams in energy and mainstream industry need to have to hand to create value or mitigate risk. For the past 10 years we have been structuring transactions and arranging finance.

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